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Dictionary of terms – Something Erotic

Aphrodisiac: Aphrodisiac is a substance that affects the mind and induces sexual arousal, erotic moods, and sexual cravings. The Greek word aphrodisiac is named after Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, fertility, love and fertility. For example, aphrodisiac drinks and foods, as well as perfumes, that affect the mind, are examples of the aphrodisiac.

Psychophysiological stimuli of mind stimulate the senses sight, smell, touch, hearing and touch.

Aphrodisiac Fragrances: Aphrodisiac perfumes are natural aphrodisiacs which provide an immediate increase in sexual attraction. A well-chosen scent will attract potential partners and win their sympathy. You will become more attractive, have more self-esteem, and be more confident thanks to high quality aphrodisiac fragrances.

Andropause – The male “transition” to andropause is also known as andropause. It is, like the female climacteric and is accompanied with unpleasant states that gentlemen should prepare for. The term LOH (Late Onset Hypogonadism) is used in modern medicine to describe the men’s aging process. You will notice signs of andropause such as a decrease in the male hormone, a decrease in the libido (fatigue), exhaustion, nervousness, and the exhaustion. Men gain weight as their muscle mass shrinks and their adipose tissues grow. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones weaken.

Masturbation, or self-satisfaction, can occur in men and women. This is a form of sexual self-stimulation that usually ends in orgasm.

Bisexuality is a combination of bi = double and sexus = sexual. It refers to the type of sexual orientation that an individual has (called bisexuality) for both sexes roughly equally. This term describes the difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality in sexual orientation.

G-spot is the erogenous area of the vagina. It’s a grouping of nerve endings that has yet to be proven or disproved. Some women experience rapid orgasm by stimulating this area. This erogenous area was first described by Ernst Grafenberg in 1950, who is the reason it’s named. Many g-spot touches of the vagina are made in many movies on the internet. The G-spot is a soft, erectile, and bean-shaped tissue. A place between the testicles, the anal opening and the G-spot is what men call the perineum.

Ejaculation is when the male genital organ eliminates the semen. Ejaculation can happen during intercourse, masturbation, or spontaneous sleep (pollution). It is often accompanied by a sexual climax – orgasm.

The process of erection is similar to a hydraulic process, but it is controlled by hormones or nerves. These hormones and nerves regulate blood flow to the porous body in the penis. This increases tension and makes the penis stiffer and more rigid. The penis expands and contracts during erection. The diameter of the urethra increases during erection, which allows for faster sperm release.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to erection or the absence of penile erection. This can make intercourse difficult, or even impossible. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a mental disorder, or a physical disorder.

Organic erectile disorder – This is when a disease, operation, or injury damages the nerves or vessels that supply the penis. This can also happen as a side effect of certain medications.