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You can make your boyfriend stay longer in bed by using sexual tricks

Are you looking to make your boyfriend last longer in bed? We show you offers some helpful tips that will make your man last longer without the need for the famous blue pill.

Sports. Experts say that men who engage in sports are more likely to stay in bed. Sex is more intense than sex, and requires sustained physical exertion. It would be a good idea to gift him a gym membership. He will be very grateful!

More sex. You must keep going for amazing performances. You will have a better chance of getting along your boyfriend more often. It’s simple, you know… repetition is the mother of learning.

Prelude. For women, a longer prelude is preferable. This is because they are more likely to have an orgasmic experience. The same principle can be applied to men. However, they do not reach orgasm. It might be best to skip foreplay if your boyfriend is finishing faster. The foreplay is a time when men are extremely aroused. You might wake up to find that your boyfriend has finished a lot more than you.

A glass of wine. A glass of red wine can make your boyfriend more resilient. It can relax you and “numb” your senses. Be careful with how much you give him. If he drinks more than that, he won’t be able perform well.

For great success, you need to take short and frequent breaks. Stop sexing with your boyfriend if he is extremely aroused or has very little left to do. Allow it to recover, then move on to slower movements. She will feel stronger when she ejaculates if she stops for 2-3 times.

You can find more positions. You might consider changing a position that excites you. You might try a few different sexual positions and make sure to slow down. Try porn videos with best girls from industry.

Food. Research suggests that nutrition plays an important role in this. Men who consume more protein are more resilient. This is not fatty pork, but nuts, seeds, and fish oil.

Do not be discouraged. Some men fear that their girlfriend will not like them in bed. This is why they can lose their self-confidence. You shouldn’t laugh at him even if he lasts only 10 minutes. Don’t compare him with your ex-boyfriend who played for an hour. Trust him and let him know how great you feel after sex.

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